About CharlesRiver Advisors

CharlesRiver Advisors (CR)  is a national, healthcare consulting firm specializing in Information Technology (IT) services and operations management consulting for healthcare organizations.  CR assists healthcare entities to integrate their operations successfully with Information Technology in order to achieve healthcare excellence. In order to do so, we combine our business, healthcare and technology skills to deliver timely, practical results with a “hands-on”, personal approach on a fixed-fee basis.

We have a proven track record, using well-defined methodologies, assisting our clients at any point in their IT Planning or Selection processes --- from the beginning with an IT Assessment or Strategic Plan to Contract Negotiations to many levels of Implementation Assistance.   These services today are currently coordinated with the ARRA Meaningful Use (1,2 and 3) requirements from a potential assessment of your current status in meeting them to selecting the systems that best meet these needs while not neglecting other aspects of your IT operations.  We are well-versed and bring our experience to bear in dealing with established vendors' contracts as well as keeping aware of newer vendors in the HIS marketplace. We are also experienced using our methodologies in the Practice Management, Behavioral Health and ERP marketplaces.

Our goal is to educate through formal, quantifiable, timeline-based methodologies to enable you to assess, select and implement effective IT solutions. While this often includes replacing some existing technologies, CharlesRiver Advisors strives to protect your current IT investment, if possible. We examine approaches that can layer on new technology to better use existing systems and enhance your ROI. We do this in a manner that makes it affordable for you to augment your knowledge and skill sets in IT-related areas.

CharlesRiver Advisors' approach distinguishes itself from other consulting firms itself in multiple areas:

  • Healthcare Industry Veterans – No learning on the job
  • Vendor Autonomy – No conflicts of interest
  • Structured Methodologies – No superficial reviews
  • Clarity of Process – No wondering what is next or who does what
  • Fixed Fee Approach – No open-ended costs
  • No Commitment of Days – We bear the risk to keep you satisfied
IT health care consultants

CharlesRiver Advisors helped us negotiate a couple of computer hardware and software contracts over the past few months and were very pleased with their services.

The proposed contract from the vendor was very complicated and contained "high tech" language that the average reader, like myself, did not understand.

CharlesRiver Advisors was able to go through this contract in great detail to insure that our Hospital had optimal legal and operational protections. They were able to negotiate terms that we never would have dreamed, including better pricing and maintenance contract coverage.

Marion General Hospital

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