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Experienced Healthcare IT Consultants

CharlesRiver Advisors is an Information Technology consulting firm providing services exclusively to healthcare organizations.

CharlesRiver Advisors assists healthcare entities to integrate their clinical and financial operations successfully with Information Technology (IT) in order to achieve healthcare excellence. We combine our business, healthcare and technology skills to deliver timely, practical results with a "hands-on", personal approach. Planning, both short and long-term is critical to success in this endaevor. All of our engagements adhere to COVID-19 Guidelines and in many cases, no travel is required.

This focus is especially pertinent in light of these factors in the current Healthcare Information System (HIS) environment:

  • Integration across each entity's continuum of care is key.  A continuum-wide EMR including integration of the hospital EMR with the Ambulatory EMR is critical toward this end. This becomes an even more daunting task when planning for quality measures and population health studies requiring sharing information, sometimes across platforms, applications and organizations. IT planning is paramount to ensure not only the appropriate systems, but the necessary IT infrastructure to support these systems and their users' operations.
  • There is no perfect HIS or ERP solution. 
  • Hidden costs really hurt if discovered after-the-fact.
  • Third-party niche systems often are needed to support the core HIS.
  • Preparation for successful implementation of an HIS begins during the Selection process.

Corporate Mission

  1. To enable healthcare providers to use Information Technology (IT) in a manner that fosters teamwork, spurs productivity, supports quality improvement and enhances patient care
  2. To empower end-users to achieve their departmental objectives through the efficient use of IT

CharlesRiver Advisors: Excellence Through Experience.

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