North Country Hospital is a critical access hospital in northeastern Vermont.  We engaged CharlesRiver Advisors to assist with contract negotiations after selecting a new organizational EHR system.  With a contract duration of seven years or more, it was vitally important that we had an agreement that we could live with for an extended period of time. CharlesRiver came very highly recommended by a number of other Vermont hospitals, and we echo their praise of this organization.  Fred took time to learn about our facility and fully understand our goals with the new system.  It was obvious from the beginning of the negotiation that CharlesRiver and the vendor had worked together on numerous previous contracts. This gave us reassurance that Fred knew the vendor’s contracting process well, and he was able to guide us along the way to ensure that we had the most favorable terms possible. He spent numerous hours discussing the details of each section, and provided valuable insight and direction as we navigated the complex contracting process. CharlesRiver was able to assist our organization in achieving a significant cost savings without giving up any key features and functionality. In addition, their cost were extremely reasonable, and in my opinion, the cost of NOT hiring CharlesRiver is significantly higher than the cost of hiring them. I highly recommend CharlesRiver, and I am fully confident that we achieved the best possible agreement.  This was made possible by their extensive experience, expertise, and insight.


CIO/CISO at North Country Hospital in Newport, VT 

802-334-3236; kpierce@nchsi.org


Our facility engaged CharlesRiver Advisors based on my past experience with their results. CharlesRiver brings the perspective and leverage of negotiating many HIS contracts. Fred Zodda worked on our behalf to ensure the contract language reflected a number of goals important to our organization. The improvements made will position us for a more successful implementation.

Brian Evans, IT Director at Nathan Littauer Hospital, Gloversville, NY  (518) 725-8621; bevans@nlh.org


Calvary Hospital’s system selection process lasted for over one year.  The vendor of choice was Meditech.  CharlesRiver Advisors (CRA), specifically Fred Zodda, was hired to assist with the multiple simultaneous contract negotiations for Meditech, CloudWave (the remote data center), Navin Haffty (onsite consultants), and a myriad of third party vendors.  We had interviewed multiple firms for this important task, and never had reason to second guess our choice of CRA. Through the next few months Fred Zodda was able to work in a thorough diligent manner; able to be the ‘good cop’ or the ‘bad cop’; and displayed expertise in all facets of contract negotiation.  In addition, interactions with Fred always yielded a high degree of customer satisfaction.  We saved money.  We have contracts that protect the hospital.  Our non-negotiable terms remained intact.  When needed, through Fred’s reputation and standing in the vendor community, we were able to escalate critical points into the highest management layers of the various companies.  Fred produced a detailed cost document with cash flow forecasting that included the hidden and less obvious costs; which document was critical to many conversations. I highly recommend CRA and would be happy to be contacted for a reference check.

Kathleen Parker, CIO - - - Calvary Hospital, Bronx, New York, 718-518-2095 and infosystems@calvaryhospital.org

 We were faced with the need to replace our HIS due to the end of a transitional services agreement with a larger hospital. Because of my experience as a sales rep for an IT vendor, I was familiar with Fred Zodda. We engaged Fred to conduct an RFI, then the demo scheduling and evaluation. Fred was extremely helpful in educating our selection team regarding the process of viewing and evaluating the demos. We saw demos from 4 different vendors. Without Fred’s evaluation education and tools, we could not have made an intelligent and timely decision. The selection team was well coached in the process and had great buy in for the decision-making process. Fred then assisted in the negotiation of our contracts with the 2 final vendors. Fred’s knowledge of HIS and IT was helpful in guiding us through this process and making sure we got what we needed, that we didn’t get something we didn’t need, and that the price was something that we could afford. He earned every nickel of his fees and saved us much time and money in a very important decision for our Hospital.

Jim Marshall, Former CEO at Pickens County Medical Center (AL).  Now CEO at  Pemiscot Memorial Health Systems (MO)  (615) 714-5247

Our organization made the commitment to move forward with a project to replace our multiple EHRs with one system and we reached out to other like sized organizations seeking advice on potential assistance with the process.  Fred Zodda of CharlesRiver Advisors was highly recommended by one peer and we were advised that he was also assisting another Washington hospital.   We decided to use CharlesRiver Advisors to develop an RFI, evaluate responses, assist with the selection process and ultimately negotiate a final contract with the selected vendor.  Fred coordinated the process from the RFI through the demonstrations and ultimate selection of vendor.  The method used to evaluate vendors was as objective as possible while recognizing the inevitability of some level of subjectivity.  Ultimately Fred negotiated our final contract achieving savings over the seven year contract period.   The assistance provided by CharlesRiver cost effective and invaluable.  I highly recommend their services.

Elizabeth Allgood, CFO Kittitas Valley Healthcare; Ellensburg, WA  509-962-7312; lallgood@kvhealthcare.org




After a thorough interview process, Island Hospital engaged CharlesRiver Advisors (CRA) to guide us through a new Hospital Information System selection and contract negotiation process.  Fred Zodda’s firm was recommended unsolicited to Island Hospital by another health care facility and we are extremely pleased with the results.  Fred led us through the project with a very professional, structured, educational and transparent methodology.  His knowledge of the industry and familiarity with vendors was extremely beneficial to Island Hospital during our selection process. Fred kept our selection process on track and our selection was made by the projected timeline.  Fred provided clear and complete cost analysis in an unbiased approach.  Fred fostered a very high engagement level with Island staff that ultimately led to an informed and unanimous decision.  I would highly recommend CRA and would not hesitate to use Fred’s services in the future.

Tom Bluhm

I.S. Director, Island Hospital(360) 299-1335; tbluhm@islandhospital.org

 Summit Pacific Medical Center retained CharlesRiver Advisors to assist us with selecting a new Healthcare Information System (HIS) and negotiating the contract with the vendor of choice.    Fred Zodda from CharlesRiver Advisors managed both projects.   Fred brought a disciplined approach to the process where he guided our managers and directors through the selection using an RFI, vendor demonstrations, detailed reference checking and site visits coupled with a time for each finalist to discuss their Implementation and Support methodologies in detail.  Throughout the selection process Fred was preparing us for a successful implementation effort, too. 

 Fred’s negotiations with the EMR vendors were Grade A.  Fred intrduced many clauses that protected us from potential issues as well as securing a “good deal” from a cost perspective with many hidden costs identified in advance.  


He was also very good about not “nickel and diming” his way through the process – his quote is what we paid no matter what.  We even hijacked his process mid-way by introducing the option of provisioning Epic through Providence Hospital.  This altered our timeline by a bit and his final fee was still the same.


Our implementation is still early on but so far so good.  We should go live by October 2016. I can’t recommend Fred enough.







Will Callicoat, Chief Financial Officer---Summit Pacific Medical Center, (360) 346-2246,  WillC@sp-mc.org


Charles River Advisors (CRA) was engaged to provide IT contract negotiations with our two vendor finalists.  Having been extremely satisfied with CRA from a previous organization with a multi-hospital IT evaluation and contract negotiation project, I knew this project would be handled quickly and professionally and again CRA exceeded my expectations.  With industry expertise and negotiation skill CRA dug through the technical information, revealing items to address that would have escaped us on our own. I am certain we have the most favorable price and contract position possible due to their efforts on our behalf. 


CRA is able to identify the needs of each individual client and solicits and presents information in an unbiased manner to help the client make the best selection for their given situation.  They have superb response and follow through, and an excellent work process and product.  You will not be disappointed in choosing Charles River Advisors; if I ever have need of this service again they will be my first and only contact.


Joy A. Strand, former CEO - McCready Foundation, Inc.  Crisfield, MD 410.968.1014


Charles River Advisors was engaged for contract negotiation services after we had identified our final two HIS candidates.  Charles River Advisors has in-depth knowledge of both systems that were being evaluated.  This functional knowledge in addition to their relationships with both companies, proved to be invaluable. There were numerous instances where I contacted other facilities for vendor references. During these discussions, there were several items that those facilities identified that they would have done differently if given the opportunity or if they had simply known about them. These issues included unbudgeted items that significantly increased cost as well as issues that attributed to project delay.  Because of their knowledge and expertise in HIS, many of these items had already been identified to us by Charles River Advisors.  It was instances such as this that validated that the services provided by Charles River Advisors, paid for themselves.  Selecting Charles River Advisors was definitely a very cost effective decision in our HIS investment. They were very personable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Chris Kraft,  Director of Information Systems;  York General Health Care Systems,  York, NE      (402) 362-0482, chris.kraft@yorkgeneral.org  


"CharlesRiver Advisors came to our aid in the selection process when we were presented with the daunting task of reviewing RFI proposals from multiple HIS vendors."

 "The elements of the CharlesRiver Advisors selection process were laid out in a logical, data and results driven format that allowed our final decision to move from subjective to objective.  The elements of the selection process were expertly facilitated by the CharlesRiver representative.  The CharlesRiver representative facilitated our team through the selection process from training, tallying and analyzing the initial demonstration and vendor reference call evaluations to the vendor site visits. The representative also facilitated the process to meet our overall objective in selecting our vendor of choice.  The CharlesRiver representative’s industry expertise was extensive and valuable which also provided our team an excellent resource as a sounding board during the selection process.  As a quality manager facilitating the process for our organization I appreciated the overall methodology developed by CharlesRiver that allowed our Technology Advisory Group to be successful.  CharlesRiver Advisors has an unequivocal orientation to their customer and to their customer’s success.  It was a pleasure working with the CharlesRiver representative through our selection process."


Pamela J. Boettcher, Manager, Strategic Business Quality, Paynesville Area Healthcare System, Paynesville, MN,   320.243.7932, pboettcher@pahcs.com  

 "Evangelical Community Hospital utilized CharlesRiver Advisors to evaluate ERP systems and negotiate a contract. "

"From selecting which vendors to review in more detail right up to negotiating a contract, Charles Rivers Advisors were invaluable in helping us reach a decision.  Their experience allowed us to quickly go through the vendors and arrive at the ones that were a best fit for our organization.  Charles Rivers Advisors arranged all the demonstrations and logistics that are always such a time consuming part of the evaluation process.   Data was presented in a format that made it easy to compare the various options and costs for each vendor.   We realized some purchase discounts now and for future software licensing that we probably would not have gotten had we negotiated strictly on our own.   Fred has a great deal of knowledge both about ERP Systems and how the key vendors negotiate and work."

Dale Moyer, VP of Information Systems/CIO (570-522-4904)

Evangelical Community Hospital; Lewisburg, PA



 "Scheurer Healthcare Network has had a long and beneficial relationship with CharlesRiver Advisors and they have provided valuable insight and assistance in a number of areas for our organization. "

 Charles River Advisors assisted our organization in evaluating our information technology needs by performing a technology assessment which included interviewing a cross-section of leaders within Scheurer Healthcare Network.  This assessment helped the leadership team understand the changing technology environment which then led to the hiring of a technology leader to join the Administrative Resource Team.  The comprehensive assessment  detailed the need to have a hospital information system and then systematically assisted with an approach to compare and contrast a variety of companies providing hospital information systems.  During the selection process, CharlesRiver Advisors assisted the team in staying focused on meeting the complete needs of the organization while considering the individual needs of all departments. Once our technology company was selected, CharlesRivers Advisors provided expert guidance and counsel during the resulting contractual negotiations.

In addition to the work CharlesRiver Advisors did for Scheurer Healthcare Network, they also agreed to assist a consortium of six partnering hospitals in evaluating the technology needs of an MRI Center owned in part by Scheurer Healthcare Network.  They conducted a comprehensive study of the technology existing within the center along with a recommendation of needed upgrades beneficial to the center. That study was done in a timely and cost-effective manner and resulted in a significant revamping of the center’s technology. 

We deeply appreciate the relationship we have enjoyed with CharlesRiver Advisors and we respect their knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing world of technology.  We recommend their services without reservation and will definitely use them in the future should that need arise.

Dwight Gascho, President & CEO, Scheurer Healthcare Network   


"Even more impressive was that they had compiled their experience and knowledge of negotiating these contracts into a database allowing them to reference their prior negotiation success"  

"Our facility had conducted a very thorough evaluation of three health information systems, and found the contract provided by the vendor to be extremely weighted toward the interests of the vendor.  We sought the services of a consultant to make the language of the agreement/contract defining the service, software, and equipment to be more “fair and balanced” thereby representing the interests of our hospital as well the vendor’s interests.

After phone interviews with prospective consultants, we were impressed by the knowledge that CharlesRiver Advisors had of HIS contract negotiation.  Even more impressive was that they had compiled their experience and knowledge of negotiating these contracts into a database, allowing them to reference their prior negotiation successes.  They were able to represent us in negotiating the contract within our timeframe of thirty (30) days allowing us to keep on our timeline for implementation.  CharlesRiver Advisors’ expansive knowledge of the marketplace helped them to address the inclusion of more balanced contract provisions for our facility.  These included improving the quoted hardware specifications, alerting us to software that had been omitted from the contract, and saving us thousands of dollars in the software/hardware costs and future maintenance fees.  We were very pleased with our results and would highly recommend CharlesRiver Advisors for consideration by others. "

Roland R. Carlson, President/CEO; Pana Community Hospital, Pana, IL, 217-562-6313, Trina Casner, CFO/Chief Clinical Officer, 217-562-6308, Dianne Bailey, Manager of Health Information Technology; 217-562-6235


"We are a critical access that will be installing an entire HIS in 2011.  Being a small hospital, we did not have the resources or the knowledge to properly negotiate contracts with the two vendors that we were considering.  CharlesRiver Advisors (CharlesRiver) provided us with outstanding advice in negotiating with these two vendors not only in securing large discounts, more favorable payment terms and other protections that most likely we would not have been able to obtain on our own.  During this process, we learned that CharlesRiver  had worked with these two vendors on numerous occasions and were very familiar with the major “players” from both companies.  I believe this familiarity was extremely beneficial during contract negotiation.  The expertise that CharlesRiver provided was worth many times over the amount of fees that we paid.

We were so impressed with the value that we received in connection with the contract negotiation phase, we have retained CharlesRiver to advise us in the development of new infrastructure as well as providing project management services.  I would, without hesitation, recommend CharlesRiver to any hospital that is considering the purchase of a health information system."

Joe Barnes, Chief Financial Officer, Grant Memorial Hospital, Petersburg WV, 304-257-5802,  jbarnes@grantmemorial.com


 “CharlesRiver Advisors provided us with outstanding resources and support services throughout our HIS vendor selection process.  They helped us negotiate additional discounts and concessions, non-performance remedies and ongoing protections with our top two vendors.  In addition, CharlesRiver’s contract analysis tools provided a normalized view of each competitor’s agreement to insure that we were comparing “apples to apples” in terms of the scope, content and specifications of each vendor’s proposal.  Specifically, CharlesRiver identified over 300 separate contract issues with our eventual vendor of choice, resulting in a virtual rewrite of the vendor’s agreement.  From a cost perspective, CharlesRiver was responsible for negotiating an additional $80,000 in capital and $50,000 in annual expense on top of the discounts the Hospital had already negotiated.  It was a real pleasure working with Tom and Fred, both top-notch Consultants in HIT vendor selection, contract review and negotiation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to any healthcare institution that is contemplating health information technology acquisition.”

Bruce Peterson; Chief Information Officer, Rome Memorial Hospital, Rome NY. 315-338-7178  bpeterson@romehospital.org

"CharlesRiver Advisors' Smart Plan provided us with the catalyst we needed to move forward with our IT strategic plan."

“We engaged CharlesRiver Advisors to help us with our contract negotiation phase of our HIS selection. Their rigorous process and attention to detail created a constructive dialogue with our final two vendors. Their approach ensured that the contract accurately reflected the deliverables and established an accurate comparative 5-year cost for the finalist vendors. Their national vendor database of contract language, pricing concessions and “Apples to Apples” spreadsheet comparisons allowed them to leverage a best-overall contract for us. The service was well worth it.”

Nathan Blad, CFO-Renville County Hospital, Renville MN- 320-523-1261, bladn@rchospital.com

" The information provided in the plan was comprehensive and pertinent to our organization, which allowed us to make significant improvements. We are now in a better position to begin the selection of a new hospital information system. We found CharlesRiver to be responsive, professional, knowledgable and committed to providing quality services. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again in the future."Linda Drinkwater, Assistant CFO, Waldo County Healthcare, Inc., 207-338-9370  

" I would not hesitate in recommending CharlesRiver Advisors and look forward to a continued working relationship" 

" We contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors, LLC to perform an IT Assessment, HIPAA Assessment, development of an IT Strategic Plan, HIS vendor selection, negotiate the final contract and the project management of the implementation of the new HIS. Their expertise throughout the entire process was beyond expectations. They navigated the entire selection process in a manner which made the process very efficient. They did not attempt to steer us toward a particular vendor and their negotiations of the contract gave us protections which we would never even have thought of. I would not hesitate in recommending CharlesRiver Advisors and look forward to a continued working relationship"

-Chris Gross, CFO, Mille Lacs Health System, MN 320-532-7990

" This has proven an invaluable service that saved us many thousands of dollars."

"Charlesriver Advisors was selected to assist us in negotiating our contracts for our new healthcare information system. CharlesRiver worked very diligently to guide us through the process of reading the fine print, assessing the real costs over five years and finding the hidden"gotchas". I would recommend CharlesRiver to assist you in your endeavors." 

-Jerry Horton, CIO, Bob Wilson Mem. Grant County Hosp.KS, 620-575-5866

 " We learned of CharlesRiver Advisors through another behavioral health agency they had worked with in our region"

"We realized that we needed to implement an Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) and to start the initiative needed to develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan. It was extremely important to us to have our plan developed by an independent party, and we are please that we chose CharlesRiver Advisors to assist us with the development of our Information Technology Strategic Plan. Through interviews and surveys of users and management, they were able to define and prioritize our organization's IT needs. As part of the planning process CR issued a Request for Information for our early planning process for the EMR. We now have a plan that will enable us to acquire the EMR that we need, and we owe it to CR's expertise. We plan on continuing to work with CR as we implement our Strategic Plan."

Arthur McLeod, CFO, CAB Health & Recovery Services., MA, 978-968-1706

"They turned the contract around in record time"

"We contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors to do our contract negotiation for a PACS system. We were already pretty set for the configuration and pricing, but needed help with the terms and conditions part of the agreement. We were not totally comfortable with doing it ourselves, and certainly didn't have the appropriate time to devote to it.

CharlesRiver was able to negotiate several changes to the MLA in our favor, and they turned the contract around in record time."
Lorainne Nichols, Chief Information Officer
Alice Peck Day, NH

"Expertise, diplomacy and expert handling"

"Our facility faced an ongoing and ever mounting crisis associated with a plethora of installed “best of breed” legacy systems. All worked well independently but not so well with each other in an efficient and effective manner.

In 2005, we contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors to help us develop an IT Strategic Plan and then to assist us with a vendor selection and contract negotiation process. After almost 13 months, we came away with having selected Meditech whom we believed was both an affordable and effective replacement.

The expertise, diplomacy, and expert handling by CharlesRiver were evident throughout the process. The tools employed, effort expended and knowledge gained from them was invaluable.

Bothwell Regional Health Center made the right choice with CharlesRiver Advisors. The entire experience was both professional, and pleasant – with customer service at the forefront of their efforts. I, and this facility, can whole heartedly recommend them and would be glad to speak to anyone considering using them for a project of their own."
Greg Collins, Director, Information Services
Bothwell Regional Medical Center, MO

"We made the right choice with CharlesRiver"

"We learned of CharlesRiver Advisors through three other hospitals they had worked with in our region. Based upon high recommendations from these hospitals we chose to use them for contract negotiations between our final two vendors.

It became evident from the beginning that we had made the right choice. Their knowledge of the industry is impressive, customer service is excellent and the methods they use throughout the process make it very efficient. I would most certainly utilize them again if the need arose."
Mick Hagwell, Chief Financial Officer
Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center

"We now have a plan"

"When our organization identified an Electronic Medical Record as one of its strategic initiatives, I honestly didn’t know where to start. Based on prior experience, I did know that the process we used to get the EMR in place would be just as important as the EMR itself.

It was extremely important for us to have our plan developed by an independent party, and we are pleased that we chose CharlesRiver Advisors to assist us with the development of our Information Technology Strategic Plan. Through interviews and surveys of users and management, they were able to define and prioritize our organization’s IT needs. We now have a plan that will get us to an EMR that we are excited about, and we owe it to CharlesRiver's expertise.

We continue to work with CharlesRiver Advisors as questions regarding the plan come up, and we would not hesitate to use them again for other IT projects."
Cindy Morin, Chief Financial Officer
Houlton Regional Hospital

"The turn around time could not have been better"

"Genuine involvement, caring, and commitment"

"Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital (SMH) contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors, LLC for an I.S. assessment, HIS vendor selection, and vendor contract negotiation services. CharlesRiver Advisors worked with SMH.

Their genuine involvement, caring, and commitment to SMH was refreshing and greatly exceeded my expectations and their contractual obligations. CharlesRiver caring and commitment was demonstrated by their continuous availablity, response time to questions, and continual follow-up on processes, even after they had completed their engagement.

The company provided the knowledge, experience and negotiaion skills which proved to be invaluable during the negotiation process. SMHs informed and indepth vendor selection process, which led to a viable purchase of an entire HIS system, is greatly attributed to CharlesRiver Advisors commitment and expertise."
Tanya Edwards, Chief Financial Officer
Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

"Their knowledge has paid for their services many times over"

"When my hospital decided to use a consultant for our HIS selection/negotiation process, I was very adamant that we find a consulting group that was knowledgeable with hospital systems, that would do all the legwork throughout the process and keep us moving forward, but not in any way attempt to steer us toward a particular product.

Without hesitation, we selected the right partner in CharlesRiver Advisors. Their knowledge and expertise in hardware, software and in contract negotiation has paid for thier services many times over. Our process worked flawlessly and in the end a vendor was selected unanimously by a 45 member committee. This could not have happened without CharlesRiver Advisors."
Danny Huckvale, Chief Financial Officer
William Newton Memorial Hospital

"The contract dollar savings alone more than covered their fees"

"CharlesRiver Advisors assistance with vendor selection and contract negotiations was invaluable. The entire process was completed in 90 days. By the time we selected our vendor of choice, CharlesRiver Advisors had already completed 80%-90% of the negotiation process. Basically, all we had to do was decide which applications we wanted to implement and which ones we wanted price protected.

The contract dollar savings alone more than covered their fees. We were very pleased with their professionalism and, without a doubt, would utilize their services again."
Ron Rusk, Chief Financial Officer
Pulaski Memorial Hospital

"A huge factor to the success of our go-live"

"CharlesRiver Advisors assisted our hospital in the selection, contract negotiaions, and implementation phases. Originally, we had started the selection process on our own and had viewed demonstrations from several vendors. As a small rural hospital with limited funds, it was essential that we select the system that would best meet our needs in the future. Thus, we contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors to aid us in the process.

Their knowledge and expertise in hospital information systems is valuable. They not only assisted us in selecting a vendor but negotiated with the vendor for contract language that was advantageous to our hospital.They also provided software that allowed us to transfer the information from our legacy system to our new information system without a lot of manual work. This was a huge savings of manpower. I feel the services they provided during the implementation phase were a huge contributing factor to the success of our go-live. I would definitely utilize their services again."
Sue Eckenfels, Chief Financial Officer
Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

"CharlesRiver Advisors negotiated better pricing"

"CharlesRiver Advisors, LLC, helped us negotiate a couple of computer hardware and software contracts over the past few months and were very pleased with their services. The largest contract involved a $2 million purchase of a new financial system. The proposed contract from the vendor was very complicated and contained "high tech" language that the average reader, like myself, did not understand.

CharlesRiver Advisors was able to go through this contract in great detail to insure that our Hospital had optimal legal and operational protections. CharlesRiver Advisors was able to negotiate terms that we never would have dreamed, including better pricing and maintenance contract coverage. I can highly recommend CharlesRiver Advisors and plan to use them again as the need arises."
Jerry Feyh, VP Finance
Marion General Hospital

"They saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars"

"When our hospital was contemplating the purchase of a replacement computer system we knew we needed help to navigate through the process. CharlesRiver was selected and came through with flying colors.

Their help in negotiating with the vendors and helping us through the entire acquisition process saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. They included protections for the hospital in the contract that we never thought of. The acquisition would not have gone as well as it did without their help."
Drew Pallas, Chief Financial Officer
New Island Hospital

"The final contract price provided a significant ROI"

"CharlesRiver Advisors assisted us with contract negotiations between our two final vendors. Their expertise in negotiating the contract terms was immeasurable. We not only saved time and money but received contract protections that we could never have negotiated on our own.

Their knowledge of the vendors provided the extra edge in the negotiating process. Our legal counsel, upon review of the final draft agreement, was impressed with the contract language and protections. We were also very pleased with the final contract price which provided a significant ROI. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend their services."
John Andursky, Chief Financial Officer
Highlands Hospital

"We were very happy with all of their services"

"CharlesRiver Advisors assisted us with strategic planning, vendor selection, contract negotiations and data conversions with great success. With regards to contract negotiations, they handled all the typical contract issues and saved us valuable time and effort in the process. They pushed for various protections on our behalf, some of which we would not have thought of.

By the time we had to be more directly involved, 80% of the work was done. All we had to do was to decide on which software modules we wanted to purchase up front or price protect for the future, and then work out a general implementation timeline with the vendor. We were very happy with all of their services and would definitely use them again."
Paul Johnson, Chief Information Officer
Adirondack Medical Center

"You can count on the knowledge and guidance of CharlesRiver Advisors"

"When choosing a healthcare information system (HIS), there are several key components to include ensuring an appropriate strategic decision is made. One component was the assistance of CharlesRiver Advisors.

Their expertise in product review, facilities review and contract negotiations were critical to making the suitable HIS choice. A decision of this magnitude warrants expertise in the field, and this is where you can count on the knowledge and guidance of CharlesRiver Advisors."
Julie Byrd, Director, I.S.
Memorial Hospital

"Their experience was invaluable"

"CharlesRiver Advisors provided critical technical expertise that assisted us in avoiding omissions that would have been extraordinarily expensive to deal with during implementation. Their experience in negotiating a legal document with a health-tech company was invaluable."
Roger Dix, Chief Financial Officer
Hannibal Hospital

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JMH decided to contract with CharlesRiver Advisors for conversion services. As a result of their expertise with the system we were replacingand our new vendor we were able to maintain the rigorous schedule necessary to meet our live date.

Their conversion tools and vast knowledge of converting disparate systems, was instrumental in our successful implementation.

Jefferson Memorial Hospital

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