IT Consulting Services

CharlesRiver Advisors assists our clients in addressing their unique Information Technology (IT) requirements using SMART Methodologies.

The SMART Methodologies help ensure IT solutions that:

  • Are reasonable in scope and cost
  • Establish realistic, achievable client expectations
  • Support your business strategies
  • Support coordination of care across your continuum of care including Telehealth
  • Promote end-user ownership and productivity
  • Offer contractual protections
  • Foster successful client/vendor relationships
  • Enhance ROI

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Healthcare Software

A year after converting to Meditech, we needed to stop paying maintenance/access fees and de-install our legacy vendors billing system, Siemens, yet still retain access for up to seven years worth of this patient billing data.

CharlesRiver Advisors provided us with a searchable and secure archive solution that looks better than the original data to meet this requirement. In the process CharlesRiver Advisors provided quality assurance of the source data and worked with Siemens on our behalf.

The archive solution proved to be very timely and working with CharlesRiver was nothing short of a professional experience.

Goodall Hospital

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