Healthcare in the 21st Century is a complex endeavor.

Delivery of high quality, geographically-dispersed integrated health care is even more complex given the interdependence of many factors, ranging from physician supply, to acquisition of new technology and to expansion of facilities, challenges to governance and management to balance quality and financial capability against community needs and expectations. Add in the broader continuum of care that most health systems deal with and the task of addressing a patient’s clinical needs becomes even more daunting.

The key to success in this endeavor is an integrated, Electronic Medical Record system (EMR).

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation

According to the 2010 HIMSS Annual Report of the U.S Hospital IT Market, the majority of U.S. hospitals are in the early stages of EMR transformation. While there is a great incentive to implement the EMR components needed to comply with the Stage 1 Meaningful use requirements, there is much internal preperation needed for success in this endeavor. 

CharlesRiver Advisors, LLC works closely with its clients to prepare them for the rigors of selecting and implementing an EMR through our suite of SMART EMR evaluations.

SMART EMR solutions: Finding what's right for you

SMART EMR Solutions is a comprehensive set of services that guide your organization through the planning, selection, and contract negotiation phases of choosing and EMR solution that is right for you.

SMART EMR Solutions includes these services which can be tailored to address the EMR needs of a health system’s full continuum of care (e.g. hospital, LTC, Home Health, Ambulatory Clinics, Physician Practices, etc.) or any on of the individual organizational components such as Ambulatory Clinics.

Our SMART EMR services

CharlesRiver Advisors can assist your organization in addressing your EMR issues in order to reap the appropriate benefits. Our SMART EMR services include:

  • EMR Readiness Assessment
  • EMR Strategic Plan
  • EMR Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Clinical Systems Data Conversions/Archiving Options
  • Implementation Project Management
  • Implementation Assistance

Each service is tailored to the requirements of the client’s clinical setting and requirements.