SMART Implementation

CharlesRiver Advisors’ SMART Implementation can be tailored to your needs and can range from high-level project management, to a "quality assurance" capacity, to detailed "hands-on" implementation activities. Our involvement during the implementation effort brings an objective, broader perspective to your project teams and minimizes the strain on today's reduced staffs.

Typically, our levels of assistance are often driven by hospital staffing issues, implementation timeframes, scope of applications, demands of new technologies and/or complexity of the vendor’s systems.

  • Regular, formal status meetings at both user and management levels
  • Written documentation of all meetings, issues, deliverables and responsibilities
  • Involvement of appropriate vendor and hospital staff
  • Regular, verbal and written communication with the vendor(s)
  • Workflow documentation, training and test plans that reflect your operations
  • Sign-off at each stage/deliverable of the process
  • Post “Live” audits

The SMART Implementation Process is shown below. It is tailored for every client.

The emphasis during a SMART Implementation is to align system usage with your operations and workflow to enhance efficiency and increase responsiveness. To this end, we guide the development of new “best-practice” workflow models and facilitate the implementation and audit of these new processes.

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Healthcare IT software system

CharlesRiver Advisors provided critical technical expertise that assisted us in avoiding omissions that would have been extraordinarily expensive to deal with during implementation.

Their experience in negotiating a legal document with a health-tech company was invaluable.

Hannibal Hospital

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