Now, more than ever, Information Technology (IT) is being viewed as a key strategic asset for achieving high standards of quality and cost control within the healthcare industry.

PACS or Picture Archival Communications System is emerging as a critical strategic asset in these areas:

  • Increase market share through better service to referring physicians and specialists
  • Reduce costs and consolidate services
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase revenues
  • Improve quality and patient safety

SMART PACS plans: Strategy & benefits

PACS plans must include provisions for supporting seamless integration with your organization’s Radiology Information System (RIS). In addition, the PACS plan must merge the needs of the radiologist with those of other clinical areas such as Cardiology.

We help you plan for secure access to images at any point on the continuum of care among providers offering a variety of services from many locations. SMART PACS Plan assists you to develop strategies to use your resources wisely and to realize some of these benefits:

  • Eliminate film & film related costs
  • Archive Images digitally to reduce storage costs
  • Improve access to images by integrating with your hospital information system’s EMR
  • Improve communications to clinicians and referring physicians
  • Improve patient access to radiology services
  • With proper security provide remote access

CharlesRiver advisors’ SMART PACS Plan offers a way to take a “snapshot” of hospital-wide and appropriate departmental PACS status to help you to use your resources wisely, regardless of your complexity or financial position.

Once successful planning is complete, if you need the help, we can also assist with selecting a system and implementing our PACS recommendations.

SMART PACS selection: Teamwork & ownership

It is no longer a question of whether to acquire PACS: the technology is ready, and in today's competitive healthcare environment you must decide WHEN and HOW. WHEN is now and the HOW is with us, CharlesRiver Advisors.

We educate your staff on PACS technology, PACS vendors, department needs beyond just Radiology, implementation approaches, interfaces, conversions and contract terms. We build teamwork and, ultimately, ownership of the new system through departmental involvement beyond just Radiology. We strive to have each department be aware of other departments’ needs and how each vendor addresses those needs.

SMART PACS contract: knowledge & protection

Healthcare facilities negotiate contracts as a normal course of business. Picture Archival Communication Systems (PACS) system contracts, however, offer a unique challenge in that facilities often have little or no experience negotiating these types of contracts.

CharlesRiver advisors negotiates all kinds of information system contracts each year with the major vendors. With our catalogued knowledge of vendor language and commitments and our well developed side by side negotiating process, CharlesRiver advisors can help you get the protection you need.

Contract negotiation

Using multiple company partners and skill sets CharlesRiver tackles the contract negotiation from all sides.

We perform the detailed, front-end analysis and provide our clients with ongoing written reports of each vendor’s status. The reports include detailed status listings of every issue, side-by-side comparisons of major terms (e.g. response time) and detailed 5-year cost/cash flow projections. The latter includes not only the vendors’ one-time and ongoing costs, but also incorporates estimates of indirect costs such as our client’s travel expenses as well as their side of any data conversions or interfaces.

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We contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors to do our contract negotiation for a PACS system.

We were already pretty set for the configuration and pricing, but needed help with the terms and conditions part of the agreement. We were not totally comfortable with doing it ourselves, and certainly didn't have the appropriate time to devote to it.

CharlesRiver was able to negotiate several changes to the MLA in our favor, and they turned the contract around in record time.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

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