Now, more than ever, Information Technology is being viewed as a key strategic asset for achieving high standards of quality and cost control within the healthcare industry. IT Strategic plans must include provisions for supporting seamless integration and secure access to patient data at any point in care among providers offering a variety of services from many locations.

IT Strategic Planning

SMART Plan develops an IT Strategic Plan that supports your organization’s business objectives, satisfies user needs and enhances the delivery and coordination of patient care across your continuum of care. It includes all of the services listed in the SMART Assessment plus more. Your plan would include:

  • User Assessment (Evaluate/rate departments in 17 IT-related areas)
  • Technology Assessment
  • HIPAA Overview
  • Gap Analysis
  • System Priorities
  • System Alternatives
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Resource Requirements (Staff, Costs, Facilities)
  • IT Investment Rate and Expense Analysis vs. National Norms
  • Financial Projections/Budget Estimate (7-Year)

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We contracted with CharlesRiver Advisors to help us develop an IT Strategic Plan and then to assist us with a vendor selection and contract negotiation process.

The expertise, diplomacy, and expert handling by CharlesRiver were evident throughout the process.

The entire experience was both professional, and pleasant – with customer service at the forefront of their efforts.

Bothwell Regional Medical Center

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