SMART Selection

SMART Selection is built around Education, Teamwork and Ownership. Many hospitals have purchased and implemented high quality, expensive systems only to experience marginal success due to lack of understanding, lack of coordinated effort and lack of ownership at the departmental level.

Our goal is to educate your staff on the Healthcare Information System (HIS) or ERP Industries, appropriate vendors, departmental applications, prioritizing departmental needs, implementation approaches, interfaces/conversions and contract terms.

Teamwork: A key success factor

SMART Selection builds Teamwork and, ultimately, Ownership of the new system through departmental involvement. The process instills the knowledge required to foster a broad-based consensus as to the proper selection coupled with realistic user expectations.

To accomplish all this, we work closely with your IT committee and the appropriate user areas. We strive to have each department be aware of other departments’ needs and how each vendor addresses those needs.

We stress teamwork and these concepts:

  • Users must see solutions in action – “Show me”
  • Strive for the most integrated solution
  • There is no perfect system
  • Some department(s) will have to compromise

Using the SMART Selection process, we would guide the selection of any replacement or new systems by heavily involving user departments, insuring their “buy in” to the new system. This process ensures that each user develops a “Hit List” of key functionality that is specific to their needs and critical to successful departmental operations. The process helps them uncover what is real and what is a “Promise of things to come” so that when they do ultimately make a decision it is with a clear understanding of what will they will implement and with accurate expectations.

Vendor selection process

The process is comprised of steps such as high level vendor comparison, vendor demos, telephone reference checking with each department’s peers at three other hospitals and site visits to hospitals similar to yours. Each step uses CharlesRiver Advisors' structured checklists.

The checklists produce data, but just as importantly, overlay a discipline that encourages users to look at applications and vendors in a more detailed, rigorous manner. CharlesRiver Advisors scores and tabulates the checklists on spreadsheets and graphs for analysis with your institution during periodic review meetings that guide the selection committee’s evaluation of vendors.

The overall objective of the process is to achieve these ideals:

  • IT Education:
    • Industry
    • Vendors
    • Product Features
  • Team Development
  • Consensus Building
  • Departmental Ownership
  • Preparedness for Successful Implementation

We work with the departments to develop application functionality “Top 10 Lists”. These lists encompass the 10-15 most important system functions items for each department. Users validate these lists during the demo, telephone reference and site visit steps of the SMART Selection Process.

Typically, the SMART Selection process takes 4-7 months to complete. It is mostly a function of the number of vendors to be reviewed. It also includes providing transition support to the implementation process. CharlesRiver Advisors’ transition support includes assistance in developing the work plan, setting up implementation committees, defining implementation reporting processes and ensuring that the project starts off in compliance with key contract terms.

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it consultants teamwork

When my hospital decided to use a consultant for our HIS selection/negotiation process, I was very adamant that we find a consulting group that was knowledgeable with hospital systems, that would do all the legwork throughout the process and keep us moving forward, but not in any way attempt to steer us toward a particular product.

Without hesitation, we selected the right partner in CharlesRiver Advisors. Their knowledge and expertise in hardware, software and in contract negotiation has paid for thier services many times over.

Our process worked flawlessly and in the end a vendor was selected unanimously by a 45 member committee. This could not have happened without CharlesRiver Advisors.

William Newton Memorial Hospital

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